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Battle Scars

Believin in the lies of the ones who tear you down. You’re never seen the diamond hidden in the crowd. The pain is worse when it’s always there. Behind your smile you know that it’s not fair. Oh it’s not fair. But… Don’t be ashamed of who you are. Don’t hide your face, you won’t […]


Breaking Chains

Link by link they cover me, claiming all they touch. And wrap around my silent mouth, as if I said too much. And I’m left with just a memory of when freedom was a distant dream. But I’m breaking the chains, breaking the chains, No more tears, no more pain. Shatter the locks and conquer […]


I Think About You

Momentary lapse of judgment, I Thought you knew what take a break meant I, Never dreamed that you would wait for me, I lost the hope you’d forgive easily. Tired of playing cat and mouse when I, Feel alone in this big old house yeah I, Believed that when I ran you wouldn’t care, I […]



Never knew silence could be so bold, Never knew a road could be so long. Every time I think it could be over, It just keeps keeping on. The light above me laughs at how far I can fall, The world around me turns away from my pleading call. Sometimes I don’t see the end, […]



Fightin tears on every call that I get wanna be with you, don’t wanna forget, But I know I know, that you’ve moved on. So I try, try not to cry try to live my life like you wanted me to, But you keep playing through my head like an unforgotten song. I feel so […]



And now the walk about, after dark It’s my point of view If someone could break your neck Coming up behind you, always coming and you’d never have a clue And now the look behind, all the time I will wait forever, always looking straight Thinking, counting, all the hours you wait See you on […]


When He Looks At You

Darling I hear the fear in your voice, But you don’t have to worry about a thing. Cause his heart belongs to you and you alone, And the joy your love brings. Whenever we talk it’s about your beauty, Whenever he smiles you are on his mind. And though I know him like the back […]


Dry Lightning

You and I like electricity. Your gaze turns to flame in my veins, start a current in me. Our sparks were stars in the dark, for the world to see, You’d light my dreams and it seemed we had everything. But time dulls the shine and we’re left slowly fading, Cause when it would rain […]


Wild Card

La da da dax4 Breaking my back just to make my way, Struggling with the world to have my say Every time I turn around, I’m where I was before, Every time I try to walk I hit another door. You skate by with a smile on your face, While expectations hold me in place, […]


Good Enough

You try your best in everything that you do, You give my all, my all you give. You work away, until black and white turn to gray, And sometimes forget just how to live. Every day’s another step, a step’s another mile, Halfway there, realize you’ve forgotten how to smile. Try to catch a shooting […]